Monday, November 05, 2007

EXB-Hardcore Vol.6 (666 Edition)

EXB-Hardcore Vol.6 (666 Edition)

Style: Hardcore
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation, Mixed
Country: Germany
Release Date: 03. Nov 2007
Genre: Electronic

Mixes by:
DoRtMuNdErJuNg (GER)
MOH_2005 (HUN)
Fallout a.k.a. Blubb (GER)
Cruszer (GER)
Nightstalker (GER)
tommyrulez (POL)

This Sampler is a Birthday Edition dedicated to EXB-Hardcore
It's Volume 666 because:
- 6 Years of EXB-Hardcore
- 6 Sampler CD's made by the EXB-Hardcore Crew
- 6 Members mixed up Tracks for this Sampler


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